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Welcome to DG ACADEMY
«DG Cyber Threat Intelligence & Management
Training Program: From Beginers to Advance». The Cyber Security Threat Intelligence& Management Training Program
will help you acquire the skills needed to find out who is behind an attack,
what the specific threat group is, the nation from which the attack is
being launched, as well as techniques being used to launch this attack.
You will know how to take a small piece of malware, find out who is
responsible for launching it, the threat actor location and also how
to take down that threat actor, with the support of your local law
Gain in-depth knowledge of security threats, attacks, vulnerabilities,
attacker’s behaviors, cyber kill chain, SOC processes, procedures,
technologies, and automation workflows and Able to identify attacker
techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTP) to investigate on indicators of
compromise to defend your organization from future attacks.
Gain knowledge of Incident Response Methodology, processes and indepth knowledge on how to integrate Threat Intelligence processes with
Incident Response processes using HIVE and learn how to automate them
as a single workflow.
Next, you’ll learn about the Splunk Threat Intelligence Framework and
how to use it in order to enrich your data. Finally, you’ll learn how to
configure the threat intelligence sources and parse the data in order to
get what you need for Splunk Enterprise Security.
As with all DG Training Program, lessons include practical exercises based
on real cases handled by the DG TIM team. This approach was chosen to
ensure that participants can immediately apply what they learn in their
day-to-day activities.
Join Us! Get the opportunity to learn from this

Understanding of Security Incident & Response
Incident Response Policy, Plan, and Procedure Creation
Incident Response Team Structure.
Handling an Incident

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